Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Labels, Labels Everywhere

This year I strategically made a plan for my classroom set-up & prep. Our faculty retreat is August 2 with our PD days beginning on August 5. Even though students don't return to the 13th, those PD days are booked up with team meetings, learning activities, & collaboration. Therefore my approach is to get ALL of my set-up completed PRIOR to our PD Days; any extra time I have during those days can be spent on the mental stuff (LESSON PLANNING). First, I focused on the cutesy stuff - curtains, pennats, bows, inspirational signs, etc. - basically all my favorite Pinterest ideas that I've been saving up since last school year. Now I'm working on the physical set-up: rearranging the desks, setting up computers, attaching labels, etc. Once I'm satisfied with the physical appearance I can *hopefully* have some quiet time to work on lesson planning, assembling data binders, & getting all of my back to school documents ready.


This year I accidently stumbled upon the idea of creating matching labels for almost EVERYTHING in the room ( I say "almost" because I just realized that my desk & calculator numbers are a different design). It began when I created some labels for my school supply bins. Once I attached them to the bins I started thinking about how cute they were & how they would look in different sizes (for other items in the room). Before I knew it, I extended my label theme to almost everything I could possibly put a label on.
These are our library baskets. We have library as a Related Arts class once a week, & our librarian asks that all books be returned first thing in the morning. Last year I just couldn't remember to send the books up to the library - perhaps it was because I didn't have a specific place designated for book collection. This year I spruced up some baskets from the Dollar Tree with ribbon & a larger version of my labels. Fingers crossed that these baskets do the trick!

Last year I picked up these 3 trays in the clearance section at Wal-Mart for practically nothing. I use them to help keep my papers organized during each class period. I typically chunk my lesson into multiple activities & used to have a hard time keeping all of the papers sorted. Now I just seperate them in the numbered trays.

I FINALLY got these saved & uploaded to TPT as a FREEBIE! Just click on either picture below to hop on over to my TPT store & download your free copy!



- Mrs. Wiggin -

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  1. Your storage area is so adorable!! I love how you have the curtains on the shelf and the basket labels are cute! I'm your first follower!!! yay! Thank you for linking up at Ramblings of a fifth and sixth grade teacher....

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  3. Those are adorable. Thanks for linking up!