Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Classroom Decor

Despite the fact that I've already published a post for today, I just have to take a moment to share the beginnings of my 2013-2014 classroom decor. I arrived at my classroom a little before noon with the mission of modge podging (is that a word?) the front of my filing cabinets. However I quickly discovered that I purchased the smaller size of scrapbook paper (8.5" x 11") when I should have just purchased the larger squares. Darn it. I didn't want to leave without some type of accomplishment, so I decided to work on my inspirational door signs. I have to claim that I am NOT the original creator of this idea. I found it on Pinterest & just typed the wording myself. Perhaps I'll add this to TPT soon as a FREEBIE? Keep your eyes peeled!
Sorry for the huge size - just wanted to make sure that you could read the actual words.

Next up I created my cork board display on the inside of my classroom door. This is something that took all of last year to dream up so along with being cute, I hope it's actually functional. Last year I started using the "pink slips" approach for students who didn't complete their homework. Basically they fill out a slip stating why they didn't complete the assignment & sign/date it. Last year I would tell students to just pile them on my desk. While I could easily keep all of the slips together, I couldn't always remember to check them the next day to see whether those students remembered to bring the assignment. Basically, I wanted somewhere to store the slips where I could see them & quickly track how late (number of days) the assignments were. My vision is for students to fill out the slip & pin it to the cork board using a ladybug pushpin (yes, I seriously have these). When they bring the assignment in (hopefully the next day) they can remove the slip & staple it to the assignment. 
Lastly, I finally hung the party lanterns that I snagged at Hobby Lobby. I knew that I had to be very cautious in hanging anything. I learned this the hard way during my first year of teaching after I tried to hang a windsock from the ceiling; that evening the AC kicked on & just as my windsock started swaying the motion-sensor security system went into panic mode. Luckily I was a newbie & they simply took down the windsock instead of calling me to come do it myself. I hung these beauties close enough to the wall so that they are actually brushing the wall. There isn't an AC vent nearby so hopefully this will keep them from swaying. If needed, I suppose I could easily place a piece of tape on the back of each lantern & stick it to the wall. So far they've been up for 6 hours & no phone call :) I hung them using skinny ribbon & attached a somewhat decent bow to each lantern for embellishment.

- Mrs. Wiggin -



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