Monday, January 6, 2014

Our First SNOW Day!

First off, let's all just accept that fact that I'm not the best blogger in the world. I have so many great ideas to share with you, but time has simply gotten away from me.

Due to the INSANE weather going in in TN right now (extremely cold temperatures, black ice, snow, yada yada...) I was pleased to get the 5:30am call from our director saying that schools would be closed today. YAY! Now I know that teachers can relate to the feeling of pure joy & giddiness when that call comes in, but today was extra special because it was supposed to be the students first day back after break. PLUS I had planned for a substitute because I was scheduled to speak at Alcoa's (another district) professional learning day. You can just imagine my anxiety last night as I repeated the process of checking the weather for my hometown, checking the weather for Alcoa, searching the news for updated closings, glancing at my email for correspondence from the other district, and finally rummaging through Facebook for rumors of closings. This process continued nearly every 30 minutes until I went to bed, and then every 1-2 hours just because I couldn't get to sleep without thinking about it. Luckily I received confirmation from Alcoa before midnight but had to wait until morning to get word from my own school system. Call me crazy...

Anyway now that I'm home and still in my pajamas at 10am, I thought today would be a great day to get caught up with the virtual world. No workouts, no vacuuming, and no laundry...just time for me. I've got several posts & perhaps some TPT updates coming soon. YIPPEEE!

But first, check out this photo from our fine Greeneville Wal-mart. Keep in mind that this was taken last night by one of the employees, when the temperature outside was still in the mid-50s....
Photo: This is what happens when people freak out!
- Mrs. Wiggin -

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